Aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to develop a business plan, pitch their ideas to investors and run a company.  There will be three-parts to the learning process.

Part One

The first session will be 12 one-night two hour sessions that teach the aspiring entrepreneurs how to put together a business plan to convince funding sources that their idea is worth funding.  The entrepreneurs will learn the following:

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Marketing Strategy and Tactics
  3. Sales Strategy and Execution
  4. Developing Revenue Streams
  5. Developing a Competitive Analysis
  6. Developing a Competitive Advantage
  7. Developing a Customer Retention Strategy with Tactics
  8. Developing a management team
  9. Developing a operations overview
  10. Developing financials
  11. Developing a launch plan
  12. Presenting to funding sources

Part Two

Those who complete the first session will learn how to implement their plan by learning each aspect of running a business.

  1. Developing and implementing a product or service
  2. Executing a marketing plan
  3. Executing a sales plan
  4. Hiring employees
  5. Managing employees
  6. Retaining customers
  7. Beating the competition
  8. Developing an advisory board
  9. Managing cash flow
  10. Selecting professional service providers
  11. Human resources and paying taxes
  12. Selecting and location negotiating rent

Part Three

Those who complete the program will have a mentor assigned to them that they can meet in person with and answer questions.